5 Top-Most PHP Based Platforms For Building Stellar eCommerce Sites


Online presence is an absolute necessity for every small and large business to thrive in this modern-era competitive marketplace. At the first time, getting a premier eCommerce website might be an expensive affair. Fortunately, there exists a plethora of open-source, feature-packed and credible eCommerce platforms, some of which are even available for free. These are backing up the development of stellar online stores for all types of retail businesses in accordance with their specific demands. Some of them help businesses to soar up unmatched heights of success in the industry with avant-garde websites because of their enhanced customisability, scalability and robust community support. Hereby, choosing a great platform is challenging. After all, different platforms have some pros and cons.

To help you a bit, this article brings 5 ​​befitting PHP eCommerce platforms that can help a site stand out from rest in terms of utility and popularity.

# 1 Magento

Hailed as one of the best PHP platforms, Magento offers utmost flexibility and power to mold the content, design, layout and functionality of the website. It's impressive interface coupled with robust marketing, SEO support and tools for catalog management, makes it a perfect solution for businesses aiming for a large-sized web store. Further, it comes in three edition, Premium, Community and Enterprises, suiting for different types and sizes of businesses. Thus, with no doubt, Magento triumphs as the ideal platform for business requiring large database support in their stores, selling about thousands of items.

# 2 ZenCart

ZenCart is known among the eCommerce businesses for being the easiest and lucid platform when it is about installation, operating and management. Perhaps, it is the perfect eCart solution for those seeking for a simple yet effective framework. ZenCart's immense preference among retailers is because it provides multiple shipping options, too many plugins to set up multilingual stores and has support for multiple treaties. Beside, it also has own analytics system to generate reports for monitoring the site's performance.

# 3 OpenCart

It is originally written in Perl but later scrapped and re-written in PHP programming language. Being a free and open-source platform, it's an out-of-the-box eCart, preferably especially by small businesses that do not have enough expertise and technical staff in programming. Besides being easier to use, it empowers store owners to deploy a bunch of plugins to create their site in the most flexible manner.

# 4 OsCommerce

It has ample of cutting-edge features that allow any eCommerce owner to build, deck up and run his store with less efforts and without any constraints. OsCommerce platform has been a winsome one for its potentiality to offer maximum options for customization to stores with 5000+ add-ons. Moreover, it's unparallel admin tool on the backend and catalog management at the front-end, together make a complete solution for online merchants.

# 5 PrestaShop

Developed back in 2005, this platform to triumphs as a superior platform for eCommerce merchants. One of its earmark features is the support for 60 over languages. Alike other shopping carts in the market, it also comes with a number of extension modules and templates to craft dream sites for the merchants.

Now, which platform will best suit your site among these is a debatable topic as your business-specific requirements will determine the features of your site. While all the above are most preferred options for online businesses nowdays, make sure the one you are opting for, caters to all of your requirements easily.