7 Questions You Should Never Ask the Ouijaboard

When planning a seance it is crucial that you devise a ‘safe’ list of questions that you’ll ask the board, before starting the session.

This is why it’s important not to use the Ouija when intoxicated as it can cause you to ask some potentially dangerous questions.

Here is a quick list of 7 questions that you should never ask the board under any circumstances whatsoever.

  1. When am I going to die? – This is just plain dangerous as you’re simply tempting fate. What if the board returns with the answer ‘NOW’? In such a case you might find it difficult to sleep at night for quite some time!
  2. Are you in the room with me right now? – The board will invariably answer ‘YES’ in an attempt to frighten you. This can make the mood turn sour very quickly in a seance.
  3. Are you a good or an evil spirit? – Very rarely will an evil spirit admit to its nature until it’s too late and has possessed a host.
  4. How did you die? – Asking a disembodied spirit about the nature of its death is not a wise question. Such a question is likely to cause a lot of negative energy to surface directly from the spirit itself as it recollects its passing.
  5. Will you stay with us forever? – Why would you want the spirit to stay with you forever, especially if it plans to cause mayhem in your life?
  6. Will you please show yourself now? – The spirit will likely see this as a challenge, but in most cases won’t show itself immediately. It’ll wait until your on your own and then present itself to you, usually at night when your defenseless. Many people who have asked this question before have ended up having extremely nasty nightmares by asking this.
  7. Are you the devil himself? – Again, asking this question would be extremely foolish as it could result in some nasty apparitions during or after the experience.

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Source by Kenneth Watson