A Guide to the Latest Business Analytics Trends in 2018

With the upsurge of Business Intelligence trends across industries, numerous other technologies have also emerged as its companion. And the future really looks impressive when it comes to business intelligence and its growth. Let us have a quick tour on how BI will look like in the upcoming years.

1. Affinity towards embedded technology

For a while now, self-serviced BI and analytics have been ruling the space. The mechanism and the technology behind is really productive when it comes to drawing insights, it is even user friendly when we talk about their comprehensive dashboards. But for a fact, these systems displayed signs of seeking improvement later to multiple failures. And the reasons for such failures were the deficiencies in the capacity to interpret user behaviour.

Hence, keeping the shortcomings into picture enormous businesses are now inclining towards embedded analytics having capacity not only to deliver insights but also to track and represent user behaviour and converting into actionable insights. It’s one of the hottest Business Intelligence trends in the industry today.

2. BI apps need to understand the current user working pattern

The best way to get the most out of your work is to attach analytics to whatever you do on daily basis. It helps you to be far more productive and help you trace what activities helped you draw maximum productivity. It will not only help you understand your skills but also help you make better choices.

But something very crucial that developers need to remember is that just embedding analytics will not solve any problem unless they are not double assured that the analytic implementations perfectly support the work the user wants to do on the app. Henceforth, keeping the emerging trends in business intelligence into picture, app owners should consider the fast moving market standards such CSS for styling, support all HTML5 so that app is agnostic and responsive to all form factors, leverage common frameworks for developing application shells. The fact is that people want to taste success in whatever tools they are familiar in, they would not prefer to be presented with an unknown tool to explore success.

It’s going to be tough ordeal for analytics solution provider but will act as the latest trends in business intelligence in 2018.

3. The newest BI challenge: catering to personalized analytics

Years back, major modus operandi of analytics was to convert information to insights in a broader manner, but and when the competition became cutthroat companies realized the value of personalized marketing which is pretty not possible in a comprehensive approach in extracting insights.

Today, the market needs to track more granular and sophisticated information to get a competitive edge; this is where maximum businesses still fail in procuring the right application and expertise to implement the analytics with extensive capabilities.

One of the prime benefits that businesses may draw from such an advance analytics is the advantage of data visualization and prescriptive analytics. Thus, personalized analytics is going to be the most significant business intelligence trend that the industry will notice.

Thus, we see there are numerous things that will overtake the current trends and practices, so as an app owner you should be keen enough to grasp feasible ways to adopt the upcoming trends and tackle future challenges.

Source by Ashish Chandra Jha