Advanced Segmentation: Google Analytics


Segmentation is a great way to analysis the report. Here you can decide your priorities. You can see in reports what you want to see.

1. When you login your account you can see advanced segment tab on top and left navigation (below my customizations). Click the advanced segment button to start create segment.

2. Here you can also see default segments.

3. Identify the appropriate dimensions or metrics for your segment. When you create segments you need to choose dimension (Visitor, traffic source etc) and metrics (Site uses, content, goal etc) which you want to track. You can choose them from left navigation. As you can see in image.

4. You can see condition and value field. Here you can define conditions for any specific value. Like if you want to see only more than 10 purchase. You can use the condition greater then and set the value 10.

5. Here you can see a test feature it help you to test the segment. Click 'Test Segment.' You will see how total visits to your site are filtered down once you apply the conditions you've just defined.

6. Now you can name your segments and click on create segment button.

7. When you go top of the navigation in analytics you can see your segment. In order to apply it to a report, you can select 'apply to report' from the menu of Manage Advanced Segments page, or select the what you just created from the Advanced Segments pull-down menu found at the top of all your Analytics reports . Here you can choose how many segment you want to see in reporting.

8. Your segment will see in orange color and default segment in blue color.

Source by Durgesh B Kumar