Affiliate Marketing – Links to Your Websites

You’ll read it over and over on the internet and I’ll stress it again now, getting highly targeted traffic to your websites is of the utmost importance. One way is to link your sites to other websites that have high traffic volume because it will mean your site can share each others traffic, more importantly, if the other site ranks high with the search engines it will help your site rank well also. The search engines can and will determine your page rank based on the link popularity of your websites so, it pays once you have your sites up and running to launch a very aggressive linking campaign. It will benefit you greatly.

Articles are also a great way to generate traffic plus links to your sites, high quality, original articles submitted to article sites, ezines etc will create a great amount of exposure for you and your sites. The beauty about this is that the traffic will be free and targeted. Your articles can become highly watched after and if other marketers see that having your articles in their blogs or review websites adds value to their sites, they may request links between your sites and their, how about that, joint venture traffic generating and you don ‘ t even have to ask. So write as many articles as you can each day and submit them to free articles sites like EzineArticles, Goarticles and many others. just make sure your resource box has the link to the site you want the reader to go to. your goal should be to have as many sites posting your articles every where possible.

Use forums to generate links to your sites. Join appropriate forums that cover similar products to your and read through as many posts you can then post your questions to those who you feel may add value to you and your business. Remember that you should also be looking to add value to their businesses so you can ensure links to your site will be beneficial in every way possible.

Good luck with your Business Ventures.