Affiliate Networks


Affiliate networks are the most commonly used form for promoting others affiliate programs. Affiliate networks are generally free to join.

You can easily make money online by signing up for pay per lead (PPL), pay per sale (PPS), pay per action (PPA) and pay per click (PPC) network affiliate programs for marketing on your website. Sometimes affiliate marketing networks call themselves as marketing solutions provider or pay for performance network or a performance based online marketing network services company.

Affiliate marketing market in the UK according to leading affiliate solution providers (another name for an affiliate network) for 2008 was over $1B in terms of total sales generated through the affiliate networks, excluding white label and self-administered schemes.

This represents at least double the affiliate turnover compared with 2004 and the affiliate solution providers confidently expect their own revenues to grow between 40%-75%.

Most affiliate merchants today make use of affiliate network services. If you don’t have a specific online service, or product in mind then there are tons of affiliate programs you can find online in affiliate networks. Some will undoubtedly relate to your special interest.

All said and done, before examining each network, check whether they insist on an ‘exclusivity agreement’, whereby if you use their services you cannot use one of their competitors {[only for merchants and not for affiliates] Although this a little distasteful, what if a merchant is happy to pay an access fee for both or all affiliate networks to access each group of affiliates as a paying customer ?

Affiliate network services are also the safest when it comes to making payments on time, conflict resolution and accurate tracking. Affiliate Networks are also great sources to find good affiliate programs thereby promoting your affiliate links to search engines and getting started as an affiliate marketer Then you can just sit back and wait for the commission checks to start rolling in

As a closing line, examine each network, see what fits your needs and draw your own conclusions These networks give a diversification not only to affiliate marketing as such, but also allows you to access many merchant’s marketing affiliate programs through their affiliate networks.


Source by Shankar Pandiath