Affiliate Revenue


What is Affiliate Revenue?

Affiliate Revenue is a great form of income wherever you are just beginning your Internet Marketing Career to earn some extra cash or whether you are a seasoned professional to continue creating Multiple Streams of Income.

Very briefly someone who has produced a product allows people on the internet to promote their product for them and they pay contracts per sale to the then known '' affiliate ''.

The other way to see it more clearly is that you promote and sell someone else's product online and they pay you a commission for doing so.

It is a great deal for both parties, a win win situation, and has proven to be a very profitable source of income for many people today online.

How do I get Affiliate Revenue?

There are a number of Affiliate Opportunities online today and they all pay out differenting commissions. Do not be fooled though by just trying to find the ones that pay out '' 75% '' commission. Consider those that pay out 35 and 45% also because very simply '35% of £ 1400.00 is a lot more than 75% of £ 97.00!

Do your due diligence and research the Affiliate Opportunities online before becoming involved. Find out exactly what your personal likes and dislikes are "offline" and find opportunities "online" that you would be really happy to promote and earn some extra cash with.

What do I look for?

There are simply thousands of ways to earn Affiliate revenue and I tell everyone to only join those opportunities that they would be happy to tell their friends, relatives and neighbors about. If you do not feel good about an opportunity or if the opportunity conflicts with your way of life or other business interests, then leave them well alone.

For the highest returns online, downloadable products like software, eBooks, ezines, newsletters etc simply can not be matched right now. These items are made once and are simply bought and sold with an amazing amount of ease.

You find an eBook that appeals to you. You buy it with your credit or debit card over incredibly secure online facilities today and in an instant you are reading it !! This is true value for money for the purchaser and for the provider.

Partnering any opportunity that Promotes eBooks etc is always going to prove viable, but be careful because many sales need to be made to make a good income stream. You will need to learn how to market your affiliate opportunity properly and also where, but once these things are learned you are off and running.

How do I promote my Affiliate Opportunity?

Typing Affiliate Revenue into Google will bring up over 20 million websites for you to peruse, but how do I find what's right for me? Earlier on in the article I mentioned that I always advise people to do a personal soul search first. What are your interests, your strengths, your hobbies, your like's. What are you passionate about?

When this has been done you now know what to pursue on the internet, as you look for ways to make money online.

Let's say you are passionate about horse riding or even water polo. So you now type into Google, "affiliate revenue water polo", and you have now narrowed down your search to 100,000 websites !! Be even more specific and type in "affiliate revenue water polo how to". Although in this example the amount of sites may not decrease by much, you should be getting the idea !!

When you have narrowed down your search to your own particular interests, you will then be able to look over the websites that are left on Google. Usually I look at the first 20-30 websites or the first 2-3 pages and hopefully have found what I am looking for.

Please remember that though Affiliate Marketing you effectively are not only promoting the opportunity, but also the individuals or companies who produce the product.

Choose carefully. Be wise.

Put these principles to work for you and you will be on your way to earning a healthy cash flow.

Source by Colin Thomson