BANS Review – Build a Niche Store Review


So What Is BANS?

BANS stands for build a niche store and is a software script that allows you to make money off eBay as an eBay affiliate.

It has certainly been one of my favorite tools to build niche web stores online. The reason being it is very easy to use and you never have to worry about content on your website since it pulls ads from eBay auctions constantly. That means you also do not need to worry about constantly updating new content for your website.

eBay recently transitioned to their own in house affiliate program and BANS has made the necessary code adjustments. Since eBay sells just about anything under the sun from baby strollers to cars and motorcycles, you can build almost unlimited niches with your websites.

Since everyone online knows about eBay and knows there are cheap items for sale on eBay, it is very easy for buyers to click through on eBay.

There is a 30 day tracking cookie for eBay so visitors you refer can often return days later and buy something off eBay and you still get the commission. Another weird thing I noticed with the eBay affiliate program is that visitors you refer to eBay may not needarily buy what you are recommending.

For example, if you refer visitors from your baby strollers BANS site to eBay, I noticed some visitors actually purchased other unrelated items such as laptops, an air purifier, etc. I think it is OK though since I get commission on those purchases as well.

If the visitor you referred from your BANS website is new to eBay, you can also get paid if he / she sign up as a new user and bids on an item. The amount will depend on the eBay quality score, a new rule set by eBay.

There are a variety of templates to choose from in BANS and there is also an active members forums where you can ask questions and even get others to help you for a fee. It is not particularly difficult to setup BANS since the layout, content and navigation are point and click.

If you have an existing content website, then BANS can be a complete to your website. You can attach a BANS store to your website and recommend items to your visitors.

It's a win win situation since your visitors can find cheap deals on eBay and you earn commission as well.

BANS provides another form of monetization for your website other than Google AdSense and I have to say it pays better as well.

Source by Ricky Lim