eBay Affiliate Program


Did you know that eBay has an affiliate program? This is sometimes overshadowed by the sheer size of eBay, but you can make affiliate income from eBay.

Here is how it works. Go to the http://affiliates.ebay.com and sign up. This will direct you to Commission Junction ( www.cj.com ) which handles the decisions for eBay. You should spend time on Commission Junction after you join to see all the other affiliate programs that you can join as well as eBay. You will be amazed at all the affiliate programs that are available on Commission Junction.

You will notice that you can become an affiliate of eBay in several countries. If you speak the language of another country, you can become an affiliate of that country if you desire. I am an affiliate of eBay USA, Italy, France, UK, Canada, and India. I am not active except in the US and Italy. Italy you say! No, I do not speak Italian, but I found an Italian translator through elance.com who helps me with my Google AdWords ads that drive traffic to eBay Italy. When they join and buy, I receive my responsibilities in US dollars through Commission Junction.

If you refer a person to eBay who is not a member and they join and purchase an item, you get referral fees and a commission on the sale. eBay recently increased its fees. These fees changes will help the smaller affiliates make more money at lower transaction volumes.

Currently, the initial fee for causing someone to join eBay is $ 12.00. Under the old structure, this covered the first 499 people. Then the fee rose to $ 16.00 each over 499.

The new structure still pays $ 12.00 for the first tier, but the tier is for 1 – 49. At 50 – 499 the fee is $ 16.00. This structure is much more favorable for the little guy.

To understand how this all works, go to eBay and study it. The fee structure is located at http://affiliates.ebay.com/revshare .

Learn about the eBay affiliate program and other affiliate programs on the Net. Affiliate programs when used correctly can make you money without having to monitor them constantly.

Good luck as an affiliate of eBay.

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Source by John VW Howe