eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Formerly Great Plains)

Despite Microsoft's increasing dominance of the international mid-range software ERP market they (Microsoft) still do not provide an integrated eCommerce solution for their leading range of Dynamics business solutions.

Historically Microsoft had an integrated eCommerce offering for both Navision and Great Plains (now known as Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP) but they have both been withdrawn. Microsoft now points their users to third-party suppliers who have developed their own solutions and integrated them to Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV.

For a Dynamics GP user there are several third-party companies to choose from, mostly based in the United States or the UK. Their solutions range from a basic integration of sales orders and replication of static customer details right the way through to an integrated Customer Portal that enables customers to authorize their own employees spending and re-print sales invoices for example.

Companies using Dynamics GP who already have an eCommerce site that they do not wish to change will need to develop integration to Dynamics GP.

This can be a simple case of importing sales orders from a web site into the Sales Order Processing module (relatively straight forward using integration tools such as eConnect or Integration Manager) right the way through to a two-way interactive customer portal. At this point the integration can become quite complex and a good technical and functional knowledge of the way Dynamics GP works is critical.

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Source by Nick Richards