Ecommerce: The Positive Negative

There are so many positives in opening an ecommerce business online. For instance your business can be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it can be open on holidays even when you are personally enjoying the festivals. Ecommerce is typically much less expensive to start than a brick and mortar counterpart. In many ways it may seem like a no-brainer to rush headlong into an ecommerce store.

However, some of the negatives should also be considered. For instance, your website may be geared to a worldwide audience, but when you launch the site it is simply a little known commodity on the edge of cyberspace. It's tough to have a grand opening online because it can take awhile for consumers to find you.

So much rests on the rankings of site engines to help ecommerce stores get up and running.

One of the things that consumers like about ecommerce shopping is also one of the things that business owners find most challenging – no personal contact with buyer. Your automated ecommerce solution helps maximize productivity while minimizing direct interaction with customers.

Some sense of contact can be initiated through autoresponders that provide helpful tips and / or instructions to assist the buyer with their new purchase or in understanding your business a little bit better.

Online businesses have discovered ways to present the possibility of consumer input …

1) Business Blog (Bblog) – This allows you to post personal items about the product, yourself and your ecommerce store. For certain customers this provides a personal touch they may still desire. It also allows you some level of personal interaction with consumers.

2) Forum – This allows business owners to read up on what customers are saying about the product. Questions can be answered and elements of the personal touch can be clearly seen.

3) Feedback Form – Allow consumers the opportunity to provide feedback (both good and bad) that will be automatically posted on your website. This can help other customers make a decision because the feedback did not originate with a member of your ecommerce team. When the feedback is bad make sure to respond and if the product really is not a solid performer make sure to remove it from your lineup of available products. Even unhappy consumers can appreciate your willingness to do the right thing.

Most consumers are happy they do not have to talk to a sales associate. As a business owner you should also be thrilled that this knowledge provides you with an opportunity to reach out to disenfranchised consumers with a product they need in an environment they are comfortable with. Just make sure your do best to optimize your website so search engines can rank your site in the best possible way.

Source by Scott Lindsay