Enlisting Mercenaries – Case in Point: Digital Marketing Agencies


The pace at which new companies are born is best described as furious. There certainly are a lot more market niches to fill than there were a little over a decade ago. Sometimes people have realized that birthing and handling a company is a lot more profitable than birthing and handling a child. Whatever the reason may be, not only are companies appearing at the marketplace at an astounding rate, one which is exponential, but the rate of creation of companies itself is increasing – exponentially.

The consequences are vast and the competition is stiff; for companies which selling point is not a novel, unique product, it becomes important to outsource any of the company's work which is not directly related to product / service manufacture and sales, as the company needs to focus as much energy as it can into whatever brings the money home.

The prevailing mentality is to not spend on something that you can get done in-house. This is an excellent mentality, assuming that you have the manpower and skill levels required to produce something that befits your company's image without pulling staff off of something else. For the purpose of explaining this concept and why it can be either a great or a terrible move for any party, take one of the most (still!) Underrated aspects of a company that is often made by the company itself to cut costs – its digital presence.

What many of these companies fail to realize is that the entire online presence package also evolves optimizing any content for search engine results, improving accessibility from mobile and conventional platforms, reaching out to customers via social media on a consistent basis, ensuring that the website has no glitches, and much more. If your company does not have the capacity to dedicate a full team to handling online presence (social media, search engine optimization (SEO), website development and modifications, etc.) looking for a firm that specializes in SEO and website development is strongly advisable .

The growth of Internet and social media (or any information technology) has happened so fast, is happening even faster, and follows an exponential rate of development; many of the people who are comfortable with the world of typewriters and two-ton satellite phones project this growth on a linear scale and fail to comprehend the fact that business models and norms are changing much faster than they were when these started getting into entrepreneurship . What worked flawlessly in 1995 or even 2005 simply will not work now. For the large part, and as far as most of us are concerned, the age of companies following a single, stable business model with very little changes in operation for generations is far behind us. As a result, many fail to realize that the opportunity cost of cutting corners on the entire online presence package and compromising on its quality and the amount of time / money put into it can be calculated to far outweigh the costs of hiring a mercenary (so to speak) to handle the job for you.

Clearly, for any small business looking to grow, cutting corners is (even counter-intuitive it may be) a very bad idea. The amount of the opportunity cost mentioned above includes the potential sales that can be lost as a result of but not limited to:

the sheer volume of reach and exposure your company can get from being active on Facebook and other social media sites

your website not showing up high enough on Google (owed to poor handling of SEO services)

the quality of the image that your website ports (or does not) to potential clients and customers, due to 'not-good-enough' graphic design

your site's keywords and content not being continuously updated to keep up with your activity and that of search engines

So it's up to you, as the owner of a small but growing company to decide: do you want to invest in something like web presence for your company's well-being, or do you have what it takes to create and (more importantly) follow up and stay dedicated to your digital image? If you are even slightly hesitant and are thinking about different ways to move around the duties of your employees at the office to suit your need for digital marketing, then you should probably stop right there and start thinking of how to finance and find a good digital marketing company which mercenary services can be enlisted.