Five E-Commerce Trends to Lookout for in 2014

Shopping online is no longer a luxury; it has become a necessity for every individual. And for retailers, internet marketing has allowed them to explore beyond geographical and political barriers. E-commerce had its own series of ups and downs in 2013 with new techniques being put to test and old ones sent out on their way. So, what are the most popular e-commerce trends we can expect to see in 2014?

Big Data

Big Data is going to go a very big way this coming year. All stores that have an e-commerce front will start looking for ways to consolidate, collaborate and make sense of the huge amount of data they have. Each customer’s likes, dislikes, buying trends and other such components will play a big role in planning and executing marketing strategies. Personalized shopping will become the buzz word of the year.

Multi-channel Marketing

With the internet creating its presence across various mediums, online marketing also has followed its wake. Customers will expect to seamlessly move their shopping from physical stores to mobiles to computers. E-commerce stores should plan on having an integrated network that allows customers to move between all the mediums. Retailers who adapt to cross-channel or omni-channel marketing will definitely have an edge in the competition.

Mobile Point of Sales

It’s a busy world, and no one has the time to stand in queues at checkout counters to pay for their purchase. Mobile Point of Sales (POS) could become the most popular trend in 2014. Stores can give POS devices to their staff on the floor, so customers can pay their bill immediately and move on. Saves time for the staff and the customer.


Facebook has long since established its hold as a very popular social media, but now it is venturing into retailing. Facebook marketing is a new tool that plenty of online retailers are trying out. Whether Facebook Assisted marketing could take business to new heights or make no change in sales is something we’ve got to wait and see.


In online retailing, content has always been the King (or the Queen or the President). It will still have a big say in online retailing the coming year. High-quality, engaging, unique SEO content laced with interesting pictures and videos will make a great impact in attracting customers.

When compared to setting up a physical store, it’s relatively easier to set up an online store front. It is not only more affordable, but also gives you a wider reach. The coming year, we can expect to see more e-stores, but how they fare in this competitive market is something that only time will tell.

Source by Hemalatha Gangadharan