Fiverr – Pros and Cons

If you are sitting idle at home, there is a wonderful opportunity to work from home and earn money. There are several opportunities currently through which you can earn money online. If you are really keen and interested to earn money, you can register yourself with sites like Fiverr. would help you to earn money legitimately and at the same time you would also enjoy buying and selling stuffs in this online market place. However, this market place has both pros and cons. You would have to consider both these factors to avail the services here.

The pros of getting associated with Fiverr:

· This site offer services absolutely free of cost which means you would be able to earn Money without investing anything.

· You are allowed to sell anything out here and there would absolutely be no restrictions implied on you for selling.

· As you successfully complete your selling, you would get a net share of $4 and the site would get $1 fee for each order. Thus both you and the site can benefit from it.

· The greatest benefit of Fiverr is that you would get your money even if you get banned.

The cons of the site:

· Changes can occur to the site along with the rules of the site at any point of time. Therefore you would have to constantly keep a track of the changes.

· The safety delay of Fiverr is of two weeks before you can withdraw the money.

· If you go for self promotion, you can expect it to get you banned permanently.

Every particular site has its pros and cons. In the case of this site, the pros and cons seems to be balanced.

Source by Mel North