Free Clickbank Mall – Earn Easy Money Online


Affiliate Internet Marketing is one of the very few sectors of home business which is creating waves. Day-by-day, more and more affiliate marketers are entering into the arena of affiliate marketing with a dream of making BIG and earn easy money. It could happen only when it is a tested or proven affiliate program which requires investment. But for a newbie in affiliate marketing world, it is very difficult to spend hundreds of dollars.

As an internet marketer, I regularly browse the internet and find easy ways to make money online. Let me share with you a proven money making system which is absolutely FREE. DownloadsOnline is a Clickbank Directory where one can earn upto 75% commission on top selling affiliate products.

This Free Clickbank Mall is not an automated internet income generating scheme. It is either a get rich quick system nor a system that promises shower of dollars overnight. The concept of the Free Clickbank Mall is that it provides a link when visitors purchase anything from your mall, you will earn up to 75% Commission of its price. It also provides a Free Clickbank Search Box (a code has to be placed on the website or blog) with which you can earn money.

It is possible to earn money without having an own web site. With free clickbank mall, you need not bother about web hosting and web designing. Simply you need to concentrate on driving traffic to the mall.

The USP of free clickbank mall is that unlike other clickbank places there is no affiliate information found in the Titles and Descriptions. In other Clickbank halls you will notice affiliate oriented titles and descriptions (ex: affiliates make 75%, make $ 43 per sale etc.) that are not shopper friendly and reduce your income.

The beauty of this Free Clickbank mall is that one can customize it starting from the header of the mall to the description of the products. Other Clickbank halls in the affiliate market allow you to promote only the main page, but here one can promote any type of products or services, categories or sub-categories or any page of your mall in addition to the main page.

There is a lot of support for this Free Clickbank Mall in the form of forums. What more one can expect for FREE? Indeed it is a great thing for newbie's to avail this golden opportunity. It would be fair to recommend this Free Clickbank Mall for new and average affiliate marketers.

Source by Cher K Markov