Google Analytics – A Performance Measurement Tool


Google has changed the ways web was moving on – I hope this is a unanimously agreed line. Is not it? There are so many things on web today, you can not imagine without help of google. Let it be making a search on web or paying for your advertisement or to use your website for advertisement and finally coming the tool where you judges how well your website performing.

Google Analytics is a tool for data analysis, it analyzes who came to your website with what intention for how long visitors stayed, what was the service, content or product which lured your targeted customers most. And so many question are there where answers are only a click away. No doubt if any good manager is there to observe that data S / He may make appropriate changes to the website to make the website more usable and relevant.

However most of the times only professional Search Engine Marketers are busy with this tool where this tool is really helpful for all who are running some small business through websites. Gone were the days when people were bound to have some cost infrastructure to sell their services or goods, today anyone may start his / her dream shop with a minimal budget.

Analytics is helping all such people to be more professional more approachable and more attentive. So of what you are waiting, enjoy the tool.

You may find it at , all you require is a Google id to access the account, its so user friendly that you will strictly require any help from outside. The more you surf it the more you learn, and the more you learn the more you earn.

Source by Gaurav Astavekra