Google Analytics – Friend of Foe?


If you've ever used Google Analytics it could seem like one of the greatest creations on the face of the Earth, and it only helps that it's free. If you do not know what Google Analytics is, let me briefly explain it to you.

It's a tracking program that allows you to tell where people are coming from on your website, how long they stay, what pages they look at, what links they click, where in the world they're located, the browser they're using, the anchor text they clicked, the words they used to search for your site in Google and a ton of other things.

It's also simple to install onto your business website, especially if you have a wordpress business website.

I did mention it was free right?

So I'm sure you're wondering how this could possibly be a foe, as far as it's functionality and what you get from it, it's an awesome little tool. However if you're starting your website or you're at the beginning of building your brand, it can almost seem like invisible handcuffs.

Almost everyone who starts a website and wants to rule the world with content has to put out a lot of it in order to "win the game."

For example, if you're putting together a blog where you write out your stories it could take you a few rounds of writing an article until it finally goes up on your blog or website. Which, depending on your writing style, could take you a few days to get the right tone for your article.

Then you have to upload that to your website, get the right keywords, give it a title and so on. It takes a lot of the same process to really make any headway if you plan on building a successful brand.

Most people are very impatient when it comes to this process and they want to see a quick result to determine if it's worth it, like losing weight. If you have a quick link to Google Analytics you'll probably check your stats on an hourly basis if you have constant access.

That alone will keep you chained to your computer hiring that somebody lands on your content and you can see that result you're looking for.

But then there's the "bounce rate" or the amount of time somebody spends on your website. If you find that it takes at least 5 minutes to read your article you're more than likely going to see people spend seconds on your site and then click off to something else. This is the point where a lot of people just give up and try something else because they think it is not working.

You have to keep one thing in mind, Google Analytics is great but you have to realize that it's going to take a ton of content to actually get anywhere. People will spend more time on your website, it's just going to take time, nothing happens overnight and if it did it would not be worth it.

I feel like Google Analytics is just like a weight scale when you're trying to lose weight, if you put it away you focus more on how you feel, how you made it feel with your content hitting the internet rather than the traffic. If you use the scale on a daily basis you'll feel like nothing is happening with your weight or traffic and you'll ever give up.

Google Analytics is great but use it sparingly until you get a substantial amount of content on your website, do not let it ruin the future of your brand or business.

Source by Vesone Dean