Google Analytics – How to Exclude Yourself From the Results


What Is My IP Address

An (IP) address stands for Internet Protocol address. Every computer connected to the Internet is assigned this unique number consistent of four numbers separated by periods. For example: This little group of numbers can come in handy when you're looking to identify the region or country from which a particular computer is connecting. For instance when you're tracking traffic on your website through your Google Analytics account, you can see what part of the region or country your site is most popular. If you're like me, and you're building your own site, or even if you've paid someone to do it for you; you probably constantly read through your content, or check to make sure a link is working. When you do this, it signals Google Analytics that your site has received yet another visitor, which will obviously skew the results you're looking for. To avoid this, you must exclude your own IP address from being tracked. What is my IP address? Glad you asked. Simply type "What is my IP address" into your search engine and you will have several options for IP lookup, most of which are free.

How To Exclude Your IP Address

From your "Overview: All accounts", select which account you'd like to filter. The Filter Manager should be located under your website profile, all the way to the right. Once the filter manager has been selected, Click Add Filter (top right hand corner of table), name your filter (My IP Address). Under Filter Type, you will have two options. Predefined, will already be checked by default, and will be fine for this filter. Custom will give you several options for a more advanced filter. Following this will be three drop down menus. The first will be "exclude", the second will be "traffic from the IP addresses", the third will be "that are equal to". Than enter your IP address. Next, below "Apply Filter to Website Profiles", it will list your available website profiles, click whatever one you're filtering, add and save changes. This will eliminate any skewed results from repeatedly viewing your own website.

Google Analytics also offers several other filter options. For instance, you can exclude traffic from a set of IP addresses. You can also exclude traffic from a particular website. Or reverse your filter, and only track visits from a particular set of IP addresses, or from a particular website. All options, are a very handy tool. Good Luck!

Source by Tasha Franklin