Google Analytics Tutorials – Visitors


Without visitors, a website would fade into oblivion, taking the online business with it. Brick-and-mortar retailers often have difficulty detecting details about their customers. The same can not be said about online business owners because they have powerful tools like Google Analytics on their side. A review of Google Analytics tutorials will reveal just how much a business owner can learn about visitors to the site.

The main dashboard for this tool features general visitor statistics including total visitors, number of unique visitors, and percentage of new visitors. It tells site owners how much time people spend on the site, on average, and how many people leave the site after arriving at a certain page. It even reveals how many pages on average a person reads during a visit. This information is useful in itself but being able to drill down even further is more helpful. Site owners can define their own demographic values ​​and track these as often as they wish.

Online business owners can also track the demographics of site visitors including location and language spoken. They can see how many visits originated from different countries, the number of pages per visit, average time on the site, percentage of residents who were new visitors, and the bounce rate from each country. They can also review the primary language of each visitor to the site, information that is very useful for international businesses. They can tailor their language display and products or services according to their customer base.

Being able to track new versus returning visitors is a helpful function. A site that is visited often is likely to become more popular through link sharing and word of mouth. Creating a site that consumers readily upon for information and the latest products and services is something every online entrepreneur strides to do. They can see how many people come to the site each day of the week and each hour of those days.

Free and paid marketing efforts can be used to direct traffic to the site during slow periods. Page view statistics reveal how in-depth visitors are going. If the number of page views is low, the site owner may need to improve the internal linking system. With an e-commerce site, page views are critical because these convert to sales.

Even a visitor statistic as basic as browser used can be revealing. If everyone seems to be coming from the same browser or the bounce rate is particularly high, the site may not be displaying correctly in a certain browser. Time and money spent on site promotion is wasted if people can not view the site properly when they reach it. Identifying and addressing this quickly minimizes lost business.

One of the fastest growing sources of Internet traffic is the mobile browser. According to some industry experts, mobile browsing will soon become more popular than desktop browsing. Site owners should review mobile browser statistics for site visitors and tailor their marketing message appropriately. A comprehensive awareness of site visitors allows business owners to market to them effectively.

Source by Chris M. Gill