Google SEO: Use Google Analytics to Your Advantage


Today, more businesses have recognized the power of the Internet to promote and market a company. This is the reason why corporations and companies decide to put up their own websites to ensure recognition worldwide. Small businesses also gains a lot from Internet marketing. In fact, it is very beneficial for these budding businesses as they do not have to spend much on their marketing campaign. In online marketing, there is what we call SEO or search engine optimization and there are tools in the Internet that will help us take advantage of SEO tools. And one of this is called Google SEO.

There are free tools that Google offers to its users. And Google, being the most popular search engine, the tools they offer will help your website greatly. I'm talking about Google Analytics and it offers many tools that determine visitor traffic in a website. This includes inbound and outbound website traffic. Further, website visits, website views, bounce rates, sources and contents are included in this service. Moreover, Google SEO also checks the keywords best used, the time the visitor spent on your website, visitor browser information and the average time of visitors in your website.

These statistics help companies very much as they are given an idea on what is happening with their website. They can immediately know if there is something wrong with their marketing strategy, thus, makes changes if they notice a decrease in website traffic. For instance, the owner of the website will know what pages in the website are being visited more than the others. The company will also know how the visitor came to the website, so, knowing what marketing strategy was more successful than the others. All business websites will gain from the advantages of Google SEO and the beauty of it is that it is free!

Let us take a closer look at the advantages that Google SEO can give you. First are the keywords. Google Analytics will help you determine what the best keywords to use are. By knowing the right keywords to use, you will be able to put it in content that will effectively drive more visitors in your website. Experts say that the use of keywords is the best way to drive traffic to your website and once you get it right, you can expect more and more visitors coming to your website. This is extremely beneficial for small businesses. Google SEO will help monitor what keywords are most successful and it will help them optimize their websites.

The next content and Google Analytics will also tell the companies what type of content are most effective in driving visitors to the website. These contents are what visitors look for and you will also know which content are being ignored. This will allow you to change bad content and replace them with better ones now that you know what your visitor likes.

Lastly, by using Google Analytics to generate more traffic, you will know where your visitors are coming from. Did they come from social networking sites or referral websites? This will give you an idea what value of your Internet marketing is more successful.

And lastly, the best part of Google SEO is called custom reports. Companies love receiving reports on their website's performance. This will allow them to know what mistakes they are making and if they need to consult SEO experts for some improvements.

Source by Dan J. An