How Can Small and Medium Scale Businesses Benefit From Online Marketing?


Astonishing reports now have shown that a whopping 5 million people use Facebook every single day. Not only that, there are more than a million people who send out tweets on Twitter almost every hour. Wow these figures are unbelievably on a global scale.

This clearly shows that no matter where in the world one can go to, the internet is now clearly playing a major role in everyone’s lives. These shocking figures have alerted businesses worldwide on the powerful effect of the internet and online marketing.

Business analysts have recently noticed that businesses with websites today are serious in getting ahead of their competitors through the magic of search engine marketing, search engine optimization and internet marketing.

How Can Online Marketing Improve Your Business?

A recent survey done by Citibank on 749 businesses based in the US, indicated that more than 60% of American companies are now gearing up on online marketing strategies. While the other 40% stated that they plan to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to advertise their products and services.

Entrepreneurs now see the potential of the internet as a good medium to promote their business image and company. Social media sites like Facebook create an world of interaction between consumers and companies allowing both parties to benefit from the instant connection.

Consumers can already voice out their opinions on a company’s product or service, allowing the company to act on their consumer’s issues right away. On the other hand, companies can also advertise their promotions and offers boosting company profit since millions of people use social media sites daily.

Why Is Online Marketing Effective For Your Business?

* Helps Build Prospects – Through online marketing efforts a lot of businesses now have observed an increase in sales leads. Consumers can be targeted geographically allowing businesses to customize their products and services based on the needs of customers.

* Cost-Effective Advertising – Old-fashioned advertising used to be quite expensive, garnering more than 40% of a company’s expenditure. However with the emergence of online marketing, numerous businesses have reported savings on advertising costs by as much as 60%.

* Reaching Out to Worldwide Consumers – Businesses all around the world are enjoying this wonderful benefit to their advantage. First of all, international trade on the internet is free. Businesses are given the privilege to trade their products internationally, broadening the horizons of business in a significant manner.

Whether your business is offline or online, the internet is a great marketing tool that you can use to boost profit. It has provided ways for companies to connect with consumers resulting to better customer service. In return, consumers feel valued knowing that their needs are being catered to, compelling them to become loyal and satisfied customers for life. So in totality, both parties benefit from the use of online marketing, making it an ideal business strategy.