How to Install Google Analytics in Blogger


While your current website host probably already provides some basic information, here are just a few of the reports that Google Analytics has to offer:

  • New Visitors vs Returning Visitors
  • Absolute Unique Visitors
  • Average Pageviews per Visitor
  • Average Time spent on Site
  • Traffic Sources (Referring Sites)
  • Visitors Geographic Location
  • Keywords used to find Your Site
  • Most Popular Pages
  • Top Exit Pages
  • Track Your AdWords Campaigns

First you will need a Gmail account if you do not already have one. Then you will need create a Google Analytics Account. Installing Google Analytics does not require knowledge of HTML, but there is a piece of HTML that must be copied onto every page you wish to track.

  • In the lower left hand side of the screen, Click on: Add Website Profile
  • In the box, enter your URL. (For example: or
  • Set your Country and Time zone, and hit Continue.
  • Your Tracking code will then be displayed in a large box:
  • Highlight the code and Copy.

If you have a web designer maintaining your site, you can copy the tracking code into an email and have them copy the code into a header or footer include file. This will make sure the code is automatically loaded onto each page. For Blogs:

If you are using Blogger, copy and paste the HTML 'snippet' of Code just before the body tag at the end of your template. The code only has to be copied once to track all of your posts.

  • Sign into Blogger
  • Click on the Layout Tab
  • Click on Edit HTML

It's always a good idea to back up your template before you make any changes.

  • Click on Download Full Template to back up onto your computer.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and paste the tracking code just before the body tag.
  • Click on Save Template at the bottom of the screen.

Back in Google Analytics you will see: Tracking code not detected under the status column.

Click on Check status or Verify Tracking Code under the Status column. (Do not worry about Conversion Goals (0) right now.) Once your tracking code has been verified, the status will change to: Receiving Data.

It will take about 24 hours before you start seeing any data.

Check back the next day and familiarize yourself with all will the reports. The longer you have have Google Analytics installed, the more interesting and valuable the data will be.

Source by Richard Newman