How to Make Money on Amazon


Amazon is a commercial website where you can buy and sell your products both new and old stuffs. It has been around for years now, to my greatest surprise I never knew what I've been missing until I discovered a way to make money on amazon without selling my own products there which many people have been using to derive income online. The new way to make money on amazon is through amazon associate programs also called affiliate programs. In case you are new to what an affiliate program is all about, it enables you as an individual Internet entrepreneur to promote the products of a company in return for a commission on all sales generated by you.

You will be acting as an Internet middleman by connecting Internet browsers to particular products and companies through your own network of websites and marketing methods. When you sign up with amazon associate programs you are provided with an affiliate account and a unique link that you can use to promote its products and earn commission on all sales generated by you. It has been around since 1994 and over then many people has made thousands and millions of dollars through it including me, because I have not hit the million dollar spot.

Amazon has over 20,000 products on its marketplace like computers, electronics, clothes, shoes and software etc. Its affiliate program invites you to promote any product on its marketplace in return for a commission on all sales generated by you. People from all over the world use most of its goods on daily basis. It has branches in countries like USA, UK and Canada etc and all of them have their own specific affiliate programs. Amazon affiliate program pays you 50% to 75% of the revenue they generate from each product that you refer. On amazon, they are high gravity and low gravity products. High gravity means those products people buy often either on daily or weekly basis while low gravity are products that people do not buy often.

Amazon recorded a high sales rate last year during Christmas, if you are a news-lover you might have seen it on cnn. You will agree with me that most people in US do not always follow the traditional method of shopping rather than some shop to shop online. It has in place varieties of tools you can use to promote its products like banners, links, plexo and astore. Plexo is a kind of amazon tool which is similar to adsense, it could be able to create products similar to the keywords on your website both graphical and links ads while Astore is a kind of amazon website which you can use on your own to include only those products you want to promote on a web page with their prices, pictures and a brief description. If you have a website, you can place amazon ads in it and when someone makes a purchase you get your own commission. You could also place its ads on your blog. Amazon pays on monthly basis through check you can easily cash at the bank. You can make up to $ 20- $ 100 per sale on amazon depending on the product you are promoting, think of when you are able to make 10 sales per day the amount of money you would have on your amazon account. The good thing about amazon associate programs is that it has a 60-day-cookie, which means that if the person you mentioned did not make his first purchase on the first day, you also get your commission if he purchases within 60 days.

When promoting amazon products you are expected to do so through the links provided by them in order to get your sale. After signing up with amazon, the next step is to promote their products in order to make a sale. They are varieties of ways that you can use to do this. They are through PPC, article marketing, SEO, blogging, classified ads, squidoo marketing and social marketing. With all these techniques, you can be able to make a lucrative income from amazon. One of the cool ways to market amazon products with success is to do a thorough research on a product, write a review on that product and submit it to article directories. That way, you would be able to get targeted traffic from search engines and also from that article directory because your article would be indexed by people searching for them.

These days people always search for a review on a particular product before they make their purchase and if you are able to write a good review, you may get a couple of sales from just one article. Try to include the pros and cons of that product in order to make the reader know more about the product and also include the reason why your reader should consider purchasing the product. Making money online with amazon is a very lucrative business once you are able to play your cards well. I must tell you that I am into this business and it worth every energy and money I invest in it because in return the endpoint is success, which is money into my bank account. The good thing about amazon affiliate program is that you have the option of marketing its product anytime you want, whether its at night, during the day, on Saturday, on holiday or even on Sunday, the choice is yours. If you are the type that has a job and you need an additional employment in order to supplement your day job, amazon is the best choice. Every one is eligible to work for its associate program whenever you are a high school student, undergraduate student or even if you are from another country other than USA.

Source by Dr Kingsley Modozie