How To Provide Excellent Customer Service


For many online businesses, customer service is essential. Being able to help and support your customers or visitors is vital to your success. For this reason, I feel that it is extremely important to talk about how you can improve your customer service. With these tips, I will show you some great ways that you can achieve an excellent level of customer service online:

1. Make It Very Easy To Contact You

When you are overwhelmed with customer interactions, you may be tempted to make it difficult for your customers to actually email you. I would advise against this as it only further frustrates the customer. Never underestimate the impact that a good customer's experience has. If you can save an hour of time by forcing the customer to resolve their own issue but in turn, that customer does not have a superb experience and does not mention your name to their friends, you've just lost customers. So here's my suggestion. Put your phone number, email address, and a contact form on every page possible. At the very least, have your phone number or email address on every single page of your site. Customers will appreciate not having to search for your information and they will be able to get help at the first sign of trouble.

2. Solve All Basic Problems Without Contact

Having done customer support for several years, I can tell you that its easy to tell where the holes in your product or service are. Start keeping track of your customer service requests and you'll find that, if you could eliminate just a handful of support questions, you could reduce your support very much. This is common sense, of course, to fix the things that are causing problems but I'm suggesting that you do whatever you can to fix these common issues. Try providing a self service page or a frequently asked questions page addressing the most common questions. That way they help themselves more quickly and you do not have to spend valuable time and effort supporting them over the phone or email.

3. Make Sure You Are Listening

Listen to your customers both when they are contacting you for support and when they are providing feedback elsewhere on your site. Provide a feedback forum or email box so that customers can drop you suggestions. This is really the basis of improving any aspect of your business. Pay attention to what your customers are saying, never turn down feedback, and adjust your support accordingly.

With these three tips, you are sure to begin improving your customer support. Make it extremely easy to contact you so that your customers do not get further frustrated while trying to solve their problem. Try to solve all basic and most common problems without contact from the customer. And above all else, listen to your customers whenever you can.