How To Shop Using Amazon Australia


Since most of the products sold at Amazon are delivered only in USA, you have to get your own USA Address. Get your own USA Address from This is where Amazon will deliver your order and Shipito will then ship it to your address in Australia.

Wait for a confirmation from Shipito. They will send your address via Email. The address is free but you have to pay $ 8.50 for every package that you send out from your USA address.

You can immediately start shopping once you receive the address. When placing an order at Amazon, use your address (USA) as your Shipping Address and your credit card's Billing Address as your Billing Address. Note that your account may be subject to verification and may be suspended while verification is pending. Faxing a bank statement to Amazon will expedite the process.

When your order is delivered by Amazon to Shipito, you will be informed by the latter through email. Log in to your Shipito account to determine the postage for shipping your order from your USA address to Australia and to send out the package.

For your convenience, we have provided a currency converter located at the sidebar. If you want to estimate the cost for shipping your purchase from your USA address to Australia, you can use Shipito's shipping calculator.

Please be advised that this website is not a local version of Amazon in Australia. This is an affiliate store that will redirect you to Amazon main online store when you order products. Kindly read the Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

Source by Duck Kight