How to Use Amazon to Build You an Email List for Future Profits


This is a wonderful new system that mixes old and new online marketing techniques. It leverages the marketing skills of the webs largest marketers and also uses them to fulfill orders and deal with all customer care. Amazon is a big company that has now gotten automatic trust, many buyers buy with confidence from them. Something the smaller internet marketer has to work hard at getting. When products are sold in large amounts Amazon will pay to advertise them and with an army of affiliates and websites products that can be viewed by thousands of people worldwide.

To start with yourself an an sellers account. If you are from the UK, any sales that are done on will be sent to you as a cheque in US dollars once you have hit a minimum of $ 100 or you will need to set up a US bank account to receive direct payments from

Chose a money niche that you are interested in for example self-improvement or exercise. Find a professional in your area or someone online who will happily allow you to film them doing tutorials in their profession. If you can not afford to make a series of films you may find someone online who already has a set of their own but have no idea how to market them properly or has had no success with selling them. They might be willing to do a 50-50 joint venture with you if you do the marketing side.

Get a master copy done, as long as it is informative the quality will not be such an issue but that does not mean you can quickly knock out a shoddy DVD! Send the best master copy to Amazon. They will do all the duplication and fulfillment that is needed for the product. This product can be sold as the cheap front end product.

On the cover artwork and possibly on the DVD footage add a website address offering bonus information on the chosen niche. These bonuses could be digital downloads or online video tutorials that you filmed and saved back from the DVD.

To get traffic to your amazon based information product, do a quick search inline and in your local news agents for magazines that are niche specific. Download a press release template from the web, a quick Google search will find you many to choose from. They are pretty much the same. Write up a press release following the templates and examples that you find and email / post these to the editors of the magazines.

Magazines are businesses, and businesses love free stuff that they can profit from. Anything that is informative and good free content that is niche specific has a great chance of being printed. It saves them paying for stories and journalists! It also saves you paying fortune for big magazine advertising spreads. A press release in a few magazines can push a lot of people towards your product. Once sales come in then you can start to pay for advertising in these magazines or online.

The more sales you make then there is a larger number of people who will take a look at your website for the free bonuses. For them to get the free bonuses they will need to give you their name and email details. Using an auto-responder service like If they are happy with your paid for DVD then they are very likely to give their details over for the bonuses. Their details will be put on a list and as this list grows with more and more buyers you can go about finding more niche specific affiliate products to promote. Creating you more money.

Source by Andi Leeman