How Turnkey Websites Earn Money – Learn How Affiliate Program Websites Generate Revenue


It was not that long ago when the Internet began and new dot-com businesses were springing up everywhere. The initial dot-com movement began with business owners and entrepreneurs who wanted to use the Internet as a way to reach a global market when selling their products or services. When the dot com bubble bust occurred between 1999 – 2000, many of the smaller Internet companies went bankrupt, while others grew stronger and larger and more profitable than any other business in the world. Website businesses like Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, Google, ClickBank, Adbrite, Commission Junction, and many others continue to prosper and thrive long after the dot-com bubble bust. Today, Internet businesses are growing at a more rapid rate than any other type of business.

According to the Office for National Statistics, an executive office of the UK Statistics Authority, "Internet spending has been rising sharply as a proportion to total retail sales volumes in the last three years – from 3% in January 2007 to 8% in January 2010 ". So while the rest of the economy looks to be sluggish, those who own a turnkey website business are performing better all the time.

The reason for this phenomenal explosion in Internet spending year after year is because more people around the world are getting online. Furthermore, with instant currency exchanges done through PayPal and other ecommerce payment gateways, secure payment delivery confirmations, and other high-tech tools for Internet commerce security and reliability, people are feeling more comfortable to make purchases online. So even in a sluggish economy, turnkey website businesses keep performing better all the time.

What's with all the hype?

Turnkey websites provide an opportunity for small business owners to make money by becoming "affiliated" with the Internet giants that are already successful (read: Google, Amazon, ClickBank, Commission Junction, et al). These Internet businesses that have overcome the dot com bubble are now the largest web-based businesses in the world … and they are sharing a piece of their pie with turnkey website business owners.

For example, when you own your own turnkey website business, your website will be able to connect to online giants such as Amazon, Google AdSense, and other third party advertisers. Your turnkey website offers a unique tracking system within the HTML code so that you can earn money from these e-commerce powerbrokers called "affiliate partners" that link from your website. Owning just one turnkey website can offer you multiple streams of revenue paid to you each month from large, reputable online businesses such as Amazon, Google AdSense, Commission Junction, Clickbank and many others.

If your website is a Google AdSense "affiliate website," then you will earn revenue from Google AdSense when someone simply "clicks" on the Google AdSense ads that appear on your website. If your website is affiliated with Commission Junction, then you will earn commission earnings whenever someone makes a purchase from your Commission Junction banner ads. And if your website links to an Amazon storefront, you will generate a commission from any Amazon sales that come through your website.
Another attractive aspect with owning a turnkey website business is the automation. Because of the affiliate partner link integration, you never need to worry about fulfilling customer orders, updating your website's content, or answering emails all day. The reason is because your affiliate partners that link to your website handle all of this. The reason turnkey websites are called "turnkey" is because the only work you really have to do is just advertise your website to attract visitors, and the revenue earnings will happen automatically.

Do Revenue Earnings Really Happen? If so, How Does This Happen?

Yes, you can make a decent sum when you own a website business. Revenue earnings happen automatically because of the affiliate link integration within your website's HTML code. Turnkey websites link to affiliate partner accounts which track every customer that visits your website, the clicks and the sales are tracked every time. Computer "robots" track this information so there are never any mistakes and the accuracy is real-time. You will be able to login to your affiliate partner accounts to view your earnings at any time.

The other reason that turnkey websites offer so much elearning potential is because customers have the added confidence that stands behind visiting your website, especially when they see that your website links to easily recognized (thus highly reputable and trustworthy) affiliate partners such as Amazon and Google AdSense. Customer confidence goes a long way when others see that your website is partnered with long-established and trusted businesses.

Keep in mind, turnkey "affiliate" websites do not directly "compete" with Internet giants. Instead they have "partnered" with the already successful Internet companies bringing you a piece of the pie that so many new turnkey website business owners are just starting to discover.

Source by John L Gooding