Interesting Statistics About Affiliate Marketing


There are things people hear about affiliate marketing, and unfortunately not every detail going around the Internet is correct. That causes some misconceptions about the affiliate marketing which should be cleared off.

First of all, I have done my research online to find some real statistics about the affiliate industry, but either these figures are kept secret, or some people do not want people just starting up as affiliates know the exact figures. I think it is highly important that people understand how this industry works and what are the benefits and drawbacks of becoming an affiliate marketer. That is why I have collected some interested statistics about affiliate marketing: to help people get a better understanding and make an informed decision based on facts and not just hype.

  • The Affiliate marketing industry alone is an over $ 7 billion business only in the UK, and that means anyone who is looking to start up now will have their space and chances to get a share of that huge market.
  • Affiliate marketing grows at the highest rate in marketing, as more and more companies set up sales funnels online. They are all looking for customers and these customers can be delivered by affiliate marketers.
  • Research predictions that US online marketing spending will reach $ 3.3 billion in 2012. And it is just US. Do not forget about the rest of the world!
  • Only about 3 percent of people who sign up for as affiliates do make any money. But do not forget that many people do not even make an effort. They only sign up because they are told it is easy, when they realize it is not, they quit.
  • According to the Affiliate Summit Survey 2010 figures many affiliates do not build a long term relationship with buyers. About 48.5% of them do not have their own mailing list, that means they are only able to profit from buyers once.
  • Most of the affiliates have been marketing online for less than three years who attended the Affiliate summit. That means some people either quit who started off early or set up their own mentoring business online selling their own products.
  • Over 60 percent of the online blogs are using affiliate offers in order to get in some revenue from affiliate programs or display advertising.

If you are interested in starting up in this business, you do need to do your own research though, to see if you can fit in this large and profitable industry. The good news is: it is not going to cost you a penny to give it a try.

Source by Laura Wolf