Is Your Ecommerce Website Free From Bugs? Software Testing Can Help

For ecommerce business organizations looking for delivering a quality user experience and innumerable alternatives to the customers, it is very important to test the e-store thoroughly to avoid any errors and bugs. Testing an ecommerce website comes with its own challenges, but a testing professional can always be innovative and uncover hidden issues before the users can spot them and the post can go live. Besides adding quality, a software testing company can also add additional value by offering usability suggestions to improve the overall user experience.

The retail industry is moving very fast in varied sales channels offering the customers a common view, irrespective of where they choose to shop. There are various key areas where ecommerce software testing should be focused. A lot of attention is needed in the requirement gathering and the design phase. Here is what you should test in your ecommerce store:

User experience:

This is a vital aspect of your e-store and it consists of the look and feel, text, color, logos and etc. While testing your site thoroughly, consider the bottlenecks that can lead your customers to abandon the shopping cart, identify similar scenarios that might increase the bounce rate of your site. In case of any errors, the message displayed should be appropriate and clearly convey the meaning. The earlier you are able to identify the faults; the less cost will it involve while implementing any changes.

Cross browser / cross device:

Today, the market is flooded with many new mobiles and customers are also using them to access applications and websites. These devices use different OS combinations and browsers. Since it is very difficult to identify the most popular browsers and customers keep on changing their preferences, ecommerce business owners prefer to create application that can run on varied devices. Thus an essential part of software testing is to check the compatibility of the site on different devices and browsers.

Shopping cart:

This is one of the prime features of an ecommerce website and thus forms the center of testing the website. Since this enables the customers to select and store various items in the cart and purchase them in one go, any issues with this section can leave the customer frustrated and never come back. A through testing should be done so that the users can easily add items to the cart, increase and decrease the quantity, add items multiple times, sorting and filtering and also remove any items from the cart.

Create an account and login:

Some ecommerce sites allow you to make a purchase only after you create a proper account and login to the site. It is very important to conduct a thorough software testing with all the variations along the user journey. Some areas of consideration are creating account and login, login redirects, login sessions, logout, existing and new accounts and etc.

Payments and transactions:

Any errors in this section can lead to serious damages. A thorough testing of this section is essential so that there are no security flaws and customer transactions are safe. The data that they share with the website remains safe and is not accessed by any unauthorized person.

Source by Prince N