Konquer Kompozer – Pros and Cons of This Kompozer Video Training Series

Konquer Kompozer video training has recently been unleashed on an audience that is hungry to learn how to use this free HTML editor to create eye catching websites efficiently and to a professional standard in as little time as possible.  But does Konquer Kompozer really cover all the aspects required to take you from complete newcomer to competent web designer on how to use kompozer as it promises?

Having personally reviewed the product on its release, I decided the fairest way to answer the question if to simply cover off the pros and cons of the Kompozer video training series.


  • High quality videos – The videos contained in the Konquer Kompozer video training have been created by the author using a professional screen capture video suite.  What this means to you and I is that the videos can be viewed full screen with no loss of picture quality, certain areas of the video are visibly magnified when an important feature of the Kompozer software is highlighted by the narrator to ensure we see exactly where and what he is taking about on the screen.
  • Professional narration – It is clear to see that the narrator of the Konquer Kompozer series is very familiar with the Kompozer software, his language and confidence in showing you how to use Kompozer is evident from his strong yet relaxed voice as he takes you through each of the modules within the course.  He also uses well timed wit and humour within the videos which helps the viewer concentrate on what is being shown to them without making them feel uneasy or naive with the concepts and steps being shown to them.
  • Logical learning path – The videos are presented in a well laid out and easy to follow sequence.  Starting with installing Kompozer the correct way, through to configuration, HTML basics, Table design, all the way through to using advanced features such as CSS implementation and HTML coding verification to ensure you are “Search Engine friendly”


  • Price tag – Although most will be happy to pay the modest fee to obtain the Konquer Kompozer video training, not all will be able to justify investing in a commercial training solution for Kompozer and unfortunately will have to settle for the free videos scattered around the web.
  • File size – Coming in at over 300MB, the size of the Konquer Kompozer download could also be a factor to whether it is viable to download.  Those on ageing dial up systems would take at least a day to download the training.  Also those that pay their ISP extra per megabyte downloaded may also want to check if downloading Konquer Kompozer is going to be a viable option in relation to the overall cost to download it in the first place.


Source by Paul Irvine