Leverage Your Web Content For Traffic, Leads, Sales and More


The ability to leverage natural search is an important part of your online marketing plan. And the ability to promote your company and get increased web presence, leads and sales for little to no cost … well, that's priceless.

In order to help maximize website traffic, market exposure, branding and viral buzz, I developed the SONAR Content Distribution Model.

Although I had been leveraging online content for nearly 10 years and using "guerrilla marketing" tactics in interactive forums, blogs, and bulletin boards before it was dubbed "Web 2.0", I first wrote about SONAR on my blog in June of 2007 and then later for a powerhouse publisher I worked for where I led the marketing efforts for over two years.

SONAR is a cost effective, yet powerful, method of synchronizing content (albeit text, audio, video) distribution into various, targeted channels. And it allows companies, publishers, entrepreneurs … basically anyone with content on their website … the ability to extremely turn traffic into sales.

SONAR represents the following online distribution platforms:

S Syndicate partners, content syndication networks, and user generate content sites
O Online press releases
N Network (social) communities
A Article directories
R Relevant posts to blogs, forums, and bulletin boards

The most important thing with SONAR is being both a creative and strategic thinker. Repurposing your content, knowing where to dissiminate it, and how to make others want to read it.

In my experience, implementing these techniques into your marketing mix as well as optimizing your website to harness the traffic it will bring (capturing leads and sales) will make a dramatic impact to your web traffic and prospecting efforts.

Even better, these efforts are all measurable. So you can track your search, PR, and social media campaigns for quantifiable ROI.

So if you're a direct marketer, business owner, or someone looking for a proven way to increase traffic, sales, leads and buzz, then you'll want to make sure this cost-effective online marketing method is part of your Internet marketing strategy!