Marketing Your Amazon aStore


Researching some stories for my new news website eWizy I found some highly ranked Amazon aStore’s. These Amazon aStores were all on major search engines and all well ranked. After a little research I have discovered how this was achieved and in this short article I will show how to effectively market your Amazon aStore, I will be using Amazon UK but this will work for all Countries.

First we need to sign up or sign in to our Amazon associates page so off to your local Amazon scroll down until you see “Associates” on the left hand side and login or register. Next we need to decide what our aStore is going to be about?

Now we need to be sure there are enough products on Amazon to fill our aStore so do a quick search on your product set / store theme within Amazon.

Great we have products and we know what our aStore is going to be about, now the most important bit, naming your aStore. To help clarify things I have created an aStore selling the Apple mac mini which I will be using to guide you. Choosing the name of your aStore is all important because it needs to be your main keyword in my case ” Mac mini ” .It’s a good idea to make a list of names in order of preference in case your first choice name (keyword) is unavailable .

OK we have our aStore subject, products found and aStore name discovered lets see if it is available, go back to your Amazon associates page click “aStore” in the left hand menu and then click the “Add an aStore” button last click on the “Add a new Tracking ID” hyperlink and enter your chosen name into the box, if its not available choose another from your list and keep going until you find one.

At last we can create our aStore click the continue button and follow the instructions on screen to populate your store with categories and products ensuring they are relevant to your main keyword (your aStore name) add some custom text to each category and even to the products, make sure it’s all relevant to your keyword.

I found these two aStores ranking very highly, one about Paris Hilton and for the more cultured amongst you, one for the legendary cellist Mstislav Rostropovich OK so Rostropovich may not be the most popular search in the world but Paris Hilton is pretty good going I think . Personally I would stick to things you can sell whilst Paris Hilton may be looking for a lot I think you could make lots more money using a good product keyword.

Last but certainly not least you need to get the spiders round there are many ways to do this, writing an article such as this is one way, another is to link from an existing established website using your keyword as the anchor text. The Amazon domain name that forms part of your aStore URL should carry plenty of weight and help your site rise through the search rankings.

I have made a few Apple UK related aStores now as well as the mac mini one featured above I have a MacBook pro, iPod video , iPod nano and iPod shuffle aStores. Why apple? I hear you ask, I am writing this on my macbook pro and that’s what inspired me to create the Apple computer aStores. It is early days as far as revenue is concerned but I am confident they will make a fortune and you can to.


Source by Adrian Brown