Mobile Commerce


Mcommerce which is short for mobile commerce is a phenomenon that has long been used in much of Europe and Asia, but is just recently starting to gain ground in the United States and Canada. With the emergence of 3G networks, smartphones, and other technologically advanced handheld devices, it is now becoming more and more popular to shop with your mobile. There are literally millions of people who are using phones with internet capabilities and they are learning to do all of their normal online activities on their portable devices. The number of people who are replacing traditional online shopping and purchases with the on the go mobile alternative is increasing every day. We will eventually reach a point where almost all transactions are completed with mobile devices.

Mcommerce started becoming something mainstream with the introduction of ringtones, mobile apps and games. Users can search for their favorite songs, cool applications that are compatible with their phone and games that can be played with their handheld devices. Then they can purchase these things directly with their phone and download it right after the transaction is complete. Now m-commerce is beginning to become much more loyal and people are starting to buy tangible products in addition to items that can be downloaded. Mobile online shopping is becoming more reliable and convenient than ever before. In fact, a number of people go into retail stores, find an item they like, take out their phone and search for the exact item online for price comparisons. If the online price for the item is lower than the one in the retail store, chances are the person will purchase the item immediately online with their mobile device. This type of impulse buy is a form of instant gratification for the customer and great for the online business.

If you are a business owner with a web presence, you might think that your online store is already fully mobile compatible. You would be wrong, in fact you will need to create an absolutely separate version of your original website for the purpose of accommodating the smaller screen. If you want your customer to find you through their phone and make a purchase, you must make sure that they have a good shopping experience. With a normal website, navigating web pages to look at the full size image of products and their descriptions on a mobile device is a very frustrating experience. The user has to not only scroll up and down, but also from left to right just to catch all the details. On top of that, going through the checkout process and actually completing the transaction can be an even larger pain in the you know what. If you were to optimize your online store to take advantage of Mcommerce, it would not only fit your product images and descriptions to the screen, but also make your checkout process seamless. Whether you are surfing the web on your desktop or with your mobile device, it is easily detectable which version of your store should be displayed, allowing both versions to work in conjunction with one another.

There are even more advantages that come with making your online presence fully mobile compatible. There are so many wonderful ways to create a marketing campaign geared towards your mobile users. It's easy to think of some innovative and creative ideas to target that type of audience. If you have fun with it and allow your potential customers to have fun with it too, your marketing campaign has the ability to become a viral hit. Some easy Mcommerce marketing ideas include offering coupons exclusively for mobile users, announcing limited time sales on your products making it impossible for people to resist buying on impulse, and even creating contests or giveaways for people via text. There are so many different ways to use the technology to increase your customer base.

The key takeaway should be to act now! Do not wait until all of your competitors have already done to jump on the Mcommerce bandwagon. Be one of the first movers and shakers to take advantage of this awful opportunity. If you position your business in the right way, it can mean years of continued growth and sustainability over the other guys.