My First Website – Amazon Affiliate Program


Amazon is a popular online shop where you can buy not only books and music but also toys, electronics, cosmetics, tools, etc. Amazon also runs an affiliate program which you can use to promote their products and earn a commission. The beauty of this affiliate program is in the variety of products which you can promote. In the case there is no product that is related to the content of your website you can definitely find few books that are somehow connected with topics of your pages.

Amazon runs different websites for USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada and Japan. This means that you have to create an account with each Amazon website according to the countries you would like to target. This may seem complicated but it is not. If you are targeting UK, France, Germany, Canada or Japan then simply use appropriate Amazon website. In all other cases use site.

The commission for Amazon products starts at 4% and increases with the number of monthly sales. If you direct visitors to the Amazon website via your affiliate link all products that will be ordered within 24 hours will be credited to your account. This means that you will get commission also for items not directly advertised on your site.

Amazon offers various links, banners and widgets to promote products. Product links are used for individual products you would like to promote. Links can be with image and/or text. Banner links can be used to promote a predetermined category of products. However, the greatest flexibility and customization offer widgets.

Widgets are interactive mini-applications that bring Amazon products to your website. Adding a widget to the website is very simple. You only need to add few lines of code like for any other advertising program. Widgets can be used to display few selected products in various ways: Carousel, Slideshow, Recommended Products, Product Clouds, Omakase, etc. Omakase and Product Cloud widgets automatically display products that are related to the page content. This means that don’t have to select any specific product–Amazon will do it for you.

Amazon affiliate program is a great way to monetize any website. You can easily complement the content with related products. In many cases you can use Amazon and AdSense together on the same page. You only have to decide what is the priority. With proper page layout you can have both types of ads without lowering conversion or CTR. Even if you are not targeting a specific market niche or product you can use Omakase widgets that automatically show related products.

Source by I. Funa