National Lottery Affiliate Marketing Program


Not so long ago I used to spend a small fortune playing the Euro Millions lottery and the UK National lottery, only to end up losing money hand over fist. These days however, I make good money every time the Euro Millions lottery draw takes place. But the remarkable thing is – I do not even have to buy a single ticket. How smart is that?

Winning any lottery is a long shot, but having to match 7 correct numbers makes winning the Euro Millions jackpot an almost impossible dream, would not you agree?

Even matching the minimum 3 correct numbers for the smallest prize is not easy is it? But what if there was a way to win a cash prize for matching just one correct number? Would not that at least increase your wins and cut your losses while waiting for that big win?

Camelot (the official UK National Lottery and Euro Millions lottery organizers) readily admit that 1 in 4 lottery jackpots are won by syndicates, so this should set some bells ringing in your head.

But syndicates are not easy to organize are they? Who needs the hassle of chasing down the syndicate members, collecting the money on time, driving to the retail outlet and then queuing up to pay for the tickets, before driving home again?

OK, a small syndicate might be manageable, I agree. But the odds are still too high. You still need to match all of those 7 numbers do not you? So what needs to change to swing the odds in YOUR favor?

It's not often that those two Euro Millions Lucky Star numbers actually turn out to be lucky is it? Well not for you maybe. But I now take them for granted – every week. In fact every Friday night, I know I have matched those two Lucky Star numbers even before the draw has taken place.

So does that mean I play with only five numbers instead of playing with 7 like the rest of the ordinary mug punters who know no better? You bet it does. And before you ask – yes it's 100% legal and above board.

But this can only be accomplished in one way, and that is by becoming a member of a professionally organized syndicate that buys enough tickets (in the correct order) to guarantee those two Lucky Star numbers every week in every draw. And it must do this in a way that ensures a low entry fee, so that regular lottery players can take advantage of this massive advantage every week.

Joining such a syndicate has only been possible since 2002 when a UK based company set up the first (and only) Internet based UK National lottery and EuroMillions syndicate advantage system. But here's the best part …….

You can now become a lottery syndicate agent yourself (from almost any country in the world) but without all the hassle that goes with organizing a traditional syndicate. All you have to do, is to direct people to your own unique lottery web site, given to you when you join. It really is that easy.

Then, as people join a syndicate from your web site, you earn £ 1 in commission EVERY WEEK that they continue to play. And as you only need 5 new syndicate players to cover your own syndicate entry fee and effectively play for free, you'll no doubt realize that this really is the smart way to play the lottery and create a second income for yourself at the same time .

Source by Peter Moore