Pet Insurance Affiliate Programs


If you run a pet website then there is a great way to monetize your traffic – sign up with a pet insurance affiliate program. Here is a guide to making money with these programs.

Affiliate programs can earn you a commission when a visitor to your site clicks on a link to your affiliate merchant and they then buy a product from that company. Pet insurance affiliate programs are a great product to promote because every pet owner needs it. Therefore every visitor to your site is a potential buyer.

There are a number of companies that offer an affiliate style arrangement. Petco in the USA are a well-respected and long established company. They offer commissions based on a percentage of the sale. They provide a variety of banners that you can put on your site so you can get started straight away.

In the UK, Argos Insurance and MoreThan offer pet insurance affiliate programs. These differ slightly in that they will pay a generous set fee for each new customer that you refer. Again they provide a useful range of colourful banners that you can put onto your site. In addition to banners, there are also text links that you can place into editorial content. This has often been shown to have a higher conversion rate.

A good way to maximise your income with these affiliate programs is to write an article discussing insurance. You could write about the pros and cons of different types of policies. For instance if the program you are promoting allows pets of any age to be covered, make sure your site visitors know about it.

Forming a relationship with a pet insurance affiliate program could be a great revenue producer for your site. Why not give it a try?

Source by Paul Elms