Relation Between Time Management and Setting Goals

Can you explain how time management and setting goals are related? It’s a simple question. It is obvious to realize the answer. But it is hard to formulate it. I am deeply convinced that as long as a person can not explain well, he does not fully understand the answer. He can have some right thought, but he does not have clear vision of situation. That’s why some teachers can’t explain well. When you have clear vision you have big advantage. It’s easier for you to see the situation from the other side. You can find some surprise decision. You become more competitive.

First of all, there is no time management with out goals. It is happened, for example, when you do nothing. You waste your time; you have no need to watch it. You have no goals. But, if you set a goal, you will think about time. How reach you goal in time. Or if you have many goals, you will think about time needed to reach each goal, and how to minimize it.

The second, time management skills are very special. If you have no goal, it is really hard train this skills. It is not obvious, but it is easy to understand. If you don’t have a goal, you don’t have motivation to do something. If you don’t have motivation it is hard to do anything, include training time management skills.

And the third, it is really hard to reach big goal with out time management, because it is not easy to set time limit for goal. Usually you need to reach goal as far as you can. So you set a small limit of time, but you have strong motivation. And time management comes to help you. You increase you skills, you waste less time, you have more time to achieve goal, so you become more successful.

Source by Morak Dredit