Retail Arbitrage and Drop Shipping: The Amazon FBA Way


Why It Works With Amazon FBA Drop Shipping

The principles of buy low / sell high are very much in effect online! You can easily join the rush to make money online by applying the very simple principles of buy low / sell high! Fulfillment By Amazon has made a nice profit on ordinary items that you purchase locally a real possibility.

Retail arbitrage is not a new idea but it has taken on a new meaning using the internet as your market place. You can easily buy items locally at deep discounts from discount chains / drugstores and resell them for a profit using Amazon FBA drop shipping.

Retail arbitrage is a great way to make some cash without having to take extra steps. Think of it this way if you take advantage of a regional only type sale that means you are getting a deal that people across the country or on the other side of the world do not have access to. Your savings can turn into your cash cow!

Categories of Items to Sell Using Retail Arbitrage

The possibilities are really quite unlimited when you think about it. You can resell everything from food to lingerie. To see success you simply have to know the market for retail items and tap into that market. The categories of items to sell using retail arbitrage are just about everything you would buy in a typical brick and mortar building.

You can even sell used items on Amazon! There are some items that are prohibited for sale on Amazon. Things like hazardous items and other restricted items. More information is available at the Amazon site.

Using Amazon FBA

Once you start using Amazon FBA to sell your items you will easily understand why it works with FBA shipping. The process is simple to get started. You register pay a small fee as a seller. Decide which items you are going to use Amazon and you make one shipment to Amazon.

You do not have to find the buyers because Amazon is known globally and has over 100 million visitors on any given day. You also do not have to worry about shipping each sale individually, Amazon does it all for you. You do not have to do much more than register, pay the fee and ship your items.

A small initial investment of a couple of hundred dollars to buy your stock AND to join FBA can pay off really well.