SAP Business One in Ecommerce: Integration highlights

SAP BO is moving to ecommerce with the acquisition of NetPoint ecommerce and web CRM modules, although if you already have functionality ecommerce site the idea of ​​redeployment might not be very attractive. Let's take a look at simple ecommerce functionality

• Ecommerce Business Logic. When new customer decides to place the order, ecommerce should create new customer record with delivery address, then create web order, plus typically charge customer credit card. All this logic is standard functionality of out of shelf or custom made ecommerce application.

• Excel CSV Templates and Integration Workbench. First what could come to your mind is deploying user-friendly SAP Integration bench by putting customer and sales order information into Excel or csv templates. This might work, however it might be exposed to human errors and probably you should consider, that these csv templates were intended to help you with initial data integration and conversion from legacy ERP to SAP BO.

• Light SAP B1 SDK programming. This customization option is not as difficult as you could think of. You need Visual Studio .Net developer, familiar with C # or VB.Net programming. In SAP BO we recommend you do not import ecommerce orders as invoices, but instead place them as Sales Orders. The reason – SAP BO Invoices are not stored in the batch but immediately posted when you add them – in our opinion you should review customer orders prior to post them all the way through to General Ledger

• SAP Business One as ERP Backend. Beside its integration capabilities, SAP BO has light manufacturing, bill of materials, assembly, robust inventory control module, plus it integrated CRM, which could help you in generating customer leads via telemarketing campaigns, etc. SAP B1 has integration module, which allows you to consolidate SAP BO company to high-end SAP application, such as mySAP or SAP All-in-One – this option should be considered by large companies, opening subsidiaries overseas

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