SEO Trends That Are Working in 2017


While SEO, search engine optimisation, appears to be constantly changing and evolving to ensure that people searching the internet have the best experience, finding sites that answer their questions or provide them with the products and services that they are looking for, there are numerous things that remain unchanged. SEO is time consuming, it requires a long term commitment that is reliable and it requires that you remain up to date with new and emerging trends to ensure you don’t drop in ranking and that your company continues to climb the ranking ladder, reaching your audience with ease and confidence.

For any company finding an affordable search engine optimisation company to assists with online marketing efforts and SEO in particular, can save you valuable time, energy and resources, enabling you to concentrate on the daily operations while allowing the professionals to keep you climbing the ladder, reaching your audience and boosting your website traffic daily.

Some of the things when it comes to SEO doesn’t change, there are certain trends you need to focus on to ensure that you are building your brand and reaching a wider audience daily. These include focusing on social media marketing, online reputation management, internet branding and more.

One of the first things that must be focused on extensively when it comes to meeting the expectations of Google and being seen as a reputable company is your website security. Ensure your website is HTTPS secure, so clients can use your site with confidence. It has been proven that people in general are more likely to visit a secure site than an unsecured site, especially when it comes to buying anything online.

Next is the content. As always content is king and any content that you publish, whether on your website, your blog, on your social media page or even in press releases and general articles, you must provide interesting and informative information that provides your clients with value. It has been proven that top quality content is usually providing clients with value, such as how to, why or detailed information on a particular product or process. Remember your clients are browsing the internet to find particular information or a specific product or service.

An affordable search engine optimisation company will tell you that keywords are still important and this is a fact. While keywords are not the main focus of SEO any more, they do play a vital role in your information being found by your audience. Years ago when SEO was first introduced, it was all about keywords and how many keywords could be stuffed into one single piece of content, this is all that Google used back then to find relevant content for their searchers. Over the years Google has focused on user experience and keywords have taken a back seat in the whole SEO world, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to use quality keywords moving forward.

Site speed is also one of the many SEO essentials that hasn’t changed over the years. An affordable search engine optimisation company will tell you that your site speed is essential to your audiences online experience. It’s a fact that these days people are busy, they are juggling home and office and don’t have the time to wait for pages to load. They know what they are looking for and they want to find it without delay. You need t ensure your pages load quickly to reduce the risk of the client moving on to one of your competitors.

Ensure the information you provide is relevant to your keywords so that you know your audience will get the information that they need with ease, considering your company as reputable and reliable.

Source by John Trace