The Importance of Landmarks

There are structures that are built not only to serve a purpose, but to impress as well. Some of them are so iconic that even their silhouette alone can make them easily recognizable. Examples of these are the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Of course, there are those that play second fiddle. They may not be as famous as their iconic counterparts, but they’re also beginning to make a mark in their respective locations. In Australia, some examples are the Q1, or Queensland Number One, The Oracle, and Circle on Cavill.

It is important for any country, state, town or city to have its own landmark. A landmark is usually associated to the location where it was erected and can be one of its biggest tourist draws. Here are some of the reasons why landmarks are important:

Source of pride – Having a landmark always makes a community proud. It is usually what sustains and spurs social, cultural and economic activities. It revitalizes its people and somehow inspires and motivates them to do things for their community. Landmarks are usually steeped in history, so they are what make for a good story to tell to children and visitors.

Tourism generation – One of the biggest income-generating ventures of any place is tourism. For some cities, tourism is actually its biggest source of revenue. Landmarks always play a big part in attracting visitors. Sometimes, a landmark is even the only reason for some people to pack their bags and give the place a visit. They spend their hard-earned money just to be near or even touch a historic landmark. It is where many people pose with for picture-taking.

Value – Aside from making a city more popular, landmarks also improve the value of the buildings and structures around them. The value of the properties surrounding a landmark increases because of it. The real estate around the area appreciates even more. This is why properties around an important landmark are typically expensive, making their resale value also high.

Landmarks are the heart and soul of any place. Without it, a city would not be too interesting to visit. They may be ancient structures or modern buildings, or even statues, and they’re there to impress, educate, and inspire. It is important for any city to take care of its own landmark so it can preserve its past so the future generations can still see it.

Source by Ben B Goldstein