Top B2B E-Commerce Myths – Busted

There are lots of outdated myths, half-truths and misunderstandings floating around about B2B e-commerce that need busting. And the sooner the better. So let's get to it. Here's big e-commerce myth number one: We're too small.

Although I've heard it many times, I'm not sure where the "We're too small for e-commerce" myth comes from.

Maybe it's because typically, the largest suppliers in each category are the ones that are e-commerce enabled. So that leads to the assumption that e-commerce is reserved for large companies with deep pockets.

BUSTED. In truth, size does not matter.

Ever since Jeff Bezos boxed up the first book ever sold on from his Seattle garage in July 1995, e-commerce has become the Great Equalizer. It allows the smallest of businesses to compete with the giants of their industry.

Consider the start-up company that went from zip to $ 50 million in a few short years, becoming one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Or the local office products distributor that went head-to-head with three of the largest suppliers on earth and won part of a $ 42 million state contract.

The fact is, no other technology in history has shifted the odds in favor of small business more than e-commerce. The small guys are not outgunned anymore. The Internet provides tremendous leverage and reach for small to mid-sized companies.

Small companies can look big. Mid-sized companies can look huge.

On the flipside, however, companies who DO NOT adapt to the e-commerce revolution end up looking small and irrelevant — regardless of how big they are.

The good news is, everything you need to get started is readily available.

All the technology has already been developed. All the software has already been written. All the sales and marketing tips are at your fingertips, if you know where to look.

The tools are easy to use, and the start-up costs are low.

Too small for e-commerce? You kidding? E-commerce and small business are MADE for each other.

Source by F Jeff Simmons