Turn Your Affiliates Into 'Super Affiliates'


Anyone selling products or services via a web site or ClickBank is constantly seeking ways to generate more targeted traffic, after all more targeted traffic results in more sales, and therefore more profit.

Whilst many web site owners and ClickBank product sellers focus on marketing their sites themselves, the real top guns are not actually marketing at all. They are generating large amounts of money by using the power of leverage to bring in huge amounts of traffic on demand.

They do this by leveraging the work of other people that have signed up as affiliates and paying them a commission for any traffic they send to their web site that turns into a sale. This is known as an affiliate commission sales program, or an affiliate program.

An affiliate commission sale program is a win-win situation for both the web site owner and ClickBank product seller and the affiliate. The more traffic an affiliate sends to the site the more sales, and therefore profit, the web site owner makes, and the more sales commission the affiliate makes. An advantage of an affiliate program to the site owner is that if there are no sales there are no commission costs.

The great thing about an affiliate program is that it can grow a business expecially without having to spend any money. Other people will spend their money to get traffic to the web site. If they do not make a sale then the web site owner does not have to pay them anything. This is risk free to the web site owner or ClickBank product seller.

Think about it. Would you as a web site owner rather be paying a certain amount per click to get visits to your website using pay-per-click advertising, or would you rather have hundreds of other people paying that for you, tweaking the ads until they were getting you mountains of traffic without you paying for it?

This all looks to good to be true, but anyone already operating any kind of affiliate program will understand that most of their sales come from a very small proportion of their affiliates. The vast majority of affiliates generate very little traffic, or low quality unqualified traffic.

This is commonly known as the 80/20 rule, where just 20% of the affiliates will generate 80% of the sales. That means that out of 100 affiliates only 20 of them will be bringing in any money. Something is unfortunately wrong with that.

There are two ways around this problem; either vastly increasing the number of affiliates in the hope of getting a few extra active sellers, or get the existing affiliates to become more active in generating quality traffic, by having an affiliate program set up the right way.

Nine times out of ten the problem with every under-performing web site is that the affiliate program is set up all wrong. If an affiliate program is set up the wrong way then potential profits are being lost each and every day, that's an awful lot of cash going missing in action.

Sometimes just one "tweak" to the current set up can make a massive difference. For instance one UK web site owner had 273 affiliates who had generated just 8 sales in 1 month. He then signed up a super affiliate who generated a massive $ 40,000 sales in less than 1 week.

He concluded from this that his affiliate program was set up in completely the wrong way. He was letting anyone sign up to promote his affiliate program, hoping that the affiliates would have enough marketing skills to generate tens of thousands of visitors each. However this was clearly not the case.

The problem is that most affiliates are absolutely clueless about how to drive real traffic, in the order of tens of thousands a month, to a web site. Sure, they might be able to generate a couple of hundred visitors. But at this rate if you want to have large volumes of traffic you will need to have hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of affiliates all driving thousands of visitors a month to the web site. This vast number of affiliates then becomes too unwieldy to effectively manage and track.

He decided that he would train his existing affiliates and provide them with enough incentives to promote continuously. This resulted in a massive increase in qualified traffic being sent to his site, and a consequent increase in sales and there profits.

By training affiliates how to make more money from a web site they will be eager to go out and put the training into action because it means more money for them. This in turn means more money for the web site owner.

When you build a team of trained and motivated affiliates you effectively leverage their lists, their pay-per-click ads, their email marketing, their search engine traffic, their JV partners and other resources. That's when the miracle of multiplication kicks into gear. When done right, the effect of that leverage is nothing short of astounding!

Source by Stephen R Davies