Web Site Traffic Stats – Using Google Analytics


The question often comes up "How can I get traffic stats for my web site?" In this brief article I'll show you which tool I prefer to use to monitor my web site stats and a bit of how to set it up and use it.

First, visit http://www.google.com/analytics and sign up with them. It's pretty straight forward. When it requests you to insert the code into your web site, copy the HTML and paste it into your web site's HTML code. It should not matter where you paste it. When you're finished signing up it will ask you to verify that your code is working. Do so.

Now that you've got it setup, click on "view reports" to begin monitoring access to your site. One the main page there are stats on the number of visitors you've had, the number of unique visitors you've had, plus where these visits came from.

The "marketing summary" section is a detailed look at the sources, keywords, and ad campaigns that have brought traffic to your site. The "content summary" is very handy. Inside the content summary it has a neat count called the "bounce." A bounce is when somebody goes to your website, than immediately leaves. This tells you that, for whatever reason, the person was not interested in your web site right away.

You can also look into marketing and content optimization. These two tools I have not looked much into, but they appear very powerful. For example, you can see how each of your "cost per click" campaigns are performing.

Google Analytics is good free tool to use to get your web site traffic stats quickly and easily.

Source by Brandon Richardsx