Website Blunders – Mentioning Features – Not Benefits

Talking about features and ignoring the benefits of the product or service you are selling is a mistake many first-time website owners or indeed retailers make. While features of your product can be important and need to be shown, benefits of using the product will appeal more to the human nature of your customers and will help to make sales.

While there is a place for features of a product this information should not be front and forward when designing your web site. Instead, try using the benefits of the product or service. To write good website copy first brainstorm ideas. Make a list of all the possible benefits of the product and write them down. Work from the list and remove any that may be too far out or weird.

Use the pared-down list of benefits and write a small paragraph about each one. Be sure to include what the benefit is, who would benefit, why and how. Now you should have a great deal of information that can be used as selling copy for your website. You can also use the benefits for picture descriptions and in titles and tags.

People love to know what the potential benefits of a product are. These alone can make a sale. Every product or service has at least some benefits. Root these out and use them to your advantage on your web site. If you are having trouble finding benefits for everyone try asking people to help you. Try to use the most universal benefits on your web site. These are the ones that appeal to the largest group of people.

Benefits are a great selling point for your product but they will do well when placed in different areas of your site. Spread out the benefits so that there is something new to learn on each page of your site. If you want to you can use a button to link to a benefits page where you can describe everything in detail.

The more benefits you can think of for your product the better. Chances are that many people will find that they have the need for your product based on at least one benefit. Provide informative articles and statistics to back up your claims. You can also opt to use testimonials, which are particularly successful Internet selling tools. When choosing testimonials look for those that appeal to the senses and describe the benefits rather than the features of a product.

Source by Lorna Smith