Website Design Trends For 2010 – Top 7 Hottest Trends

With the arrival of 2010, we'll also welcome in new and innovative web site designs. Some of these new ideas will catch on and really shine while others will fall by the wayside.

The new trends that "stick" will begin to develop and evolve, and of course, website designers will learn and evolve with them.

Where will website design be going in 2010, what design features are going to be * hot * this year? Here are my top 7 picks for 2010:

1. Magazine Layouts -Magazine layouts are only going to become even more popular this year. They put a lot of the sites content on the home page and gives the visitor the opportunity to view all of your content quickly and easily.

2. Oversized Footers – These footers are only going to become more popular in 2010. They give webmasters and designers an innovative spot to put many of the links that have been traditionally found on websites.

3. Oversized Headers And / Or Logos -These too will gain in popularity in 2010. They can leave a lasting impression on your visitor as well as increase brand awareness.

4. Sketches And / Or Hand-Drawn Designs -Gives you a way to personalize your web copy and should even become more popular with corporate websites. This can turn a cold website design into a much more personal experience for your visitor.

5. Slab Typefaces -Slab typefaces are usually in all caps and very bold and imposing, and will go hand in hand with the oversized headers and / or logos.

6. Huge Images- These are designed to draw the reader in and entice them to delve into your content.

7. Minimalism -Look for lots of white space (take a look at Google's homepage) bold typology and bright color schemes. These will become especially popular websites which of main objective is to supply information.

These are a few of the website design trends that should become even more popular in 2010, will your website be on the cutting edge, or old hat?