What Is the Most Important SEO Trend of 2017?


As any professional search engine optimisation company anywhere in the world what one of the most important SEO trends are in 2017 and they will tell you it’s “location.” Over the years SEO has been through so many changes and trends to make the online search experience more enjoyable for everyone.

If you think about it, how many times have you searched for something online only to find the site you were presented with wasn’t relevant to what you were looking for? This has changed over the years with the introduction of new regulations and algorithms, which have ensured that when searching online you find websites that meet your particular search criteria. At the same time, it means that as a company with a website and an online marketing campaign, you also have to focus on all the elements of SEO to reach your audience and boot your brand moving forward.

Location has become a major factor in search results this year as Google introduced their new algorithm which ensures that when clients search from a particular location, they are given location relevant websites to make their search experience quick, easy and enjoyable. That being said, for companies, introducing your location into everything you do takes time, energy and money.

You may be wondering where you should be putting your location to ensure that it is seen by the search engines so you know that you will achieve the results you want to achieve. Remember SEO is not an overnight success story and it will take time, so if you haven’t started introducing your location into your online marketing yet, then you will want to contact a professional search engine optimisation company right now so that you can stay that one step ahead of your competitors at all times.

The first step is to update your website to meet the local SEO requirements. This means having your full company name, address and phone number on every page of your website to ensure that each of your pages are picked up in search results. Before having your contact details on your contact page was more than enough, but not any more, now you need to ensure they are displayed correctly on each page to make them visible to potential clients and the search engines.

Once your website has been updated, you want to focus on the online directories that cater to your industry, along with the regular directories such as Yell and more. You want to join as many local relevant directories as you can and ensure you complete all the information required to give you the best chance. The reason for the directories is that search engines do trawl through the directories and this will help you get noticed, so that they can be directed back to your site to provide their searchers with the results that they are looking for.

Ensure if you have a blog that your address is clearly displayed along with an easy to find link back to your website. When it comes to your blogs use location friendly keywords in conjunction with your regular keywords to help the search engines find your company and help improve your website traffic.

Always ensure that the professional search engine optimisation company you use will submit your site map to the relevant search engines, so that they have the information that they need on hand to improve your website traffic and help you reach a wider audience now and in the future.

Source by John Trace