Where To Buy Nintendo Wii Consoles In The UK


Well. It seems like a thousand years ago that Nintendo promised a console that would shake the world and, sure enough, they turned up with the Nintendo Wii Console and everyone almost wet themselves with excitement and suddenly developed a desperate craving for one.

The year moved on and the time was fast approaching when Santa was due to visit and lots and lots of anxious kids (and parents) waited to see if he brought one for them. Unfortunately, Mr. Nintendo's elves had not quite made enough. Well, to be honest, they had not made anywhere near enough which, I'm sure you'll agree, was a bit of a sod, and hardly anyone got one. We also had the problem with a company who took payment for a couple of thousand Wiis and then vanished without supplying any.

Anyways, we're now into 2008 and things do not really seem to have improved. There still do not seem to be any Wii Consoles in the shops and when they do turn up, it's like a plague of locusts descending on the shop and they've sold out within the first hour. They seem to have a few available in the US, but of course the voltage is different and it will not work on our side of the Atlantic. You can buy a Japanese spec Nintendo Wii from a few places but you then have a warranty problem. So where do you get one?

The best places are Amazon UK and, not surprisingly, eBay UK. Amazon seems to have a few in stock most of the time but they can be expensive. I have an Amazon Affiliate shop for the Nintendo Wii and at the time I'm writing this, I've sold 8 this week but only three of them at the RRP of £ 179. The others have been somewhere over £ 250. eBay has new Nintendo Wii at anything between £ 180 and £ 300 available from UK based Business Sellers and you have the security of PayPal. Just make sure that your seller has good feedback for selling the same sort of stuff and, if possible, get an email address and phone number. Happy Hunting!

Source by Andy Aitch