Where to Find Good Affiliate Marketing Opportunities


The place to find good affiliate marketing opportunities is at affiliate marketing networks. There are plenty of these networks, and some are international, like Clickbank and Commission Junction, but there are others in most countries where there is a buoyant internet following. For example, there are about six UK affiliate networks, and a similar number in Australia.

If you are interested in marketing tangible products, it is a good idea to start with an affiliate network that is based in your country as you will know the products, and will have a good chance of finding a market.

Use the networks to find products to fit your market

Once you have selected your niche, you still have a big job in selecting products, and this is where the networks can help you. It would take ages to search for affiliate products by searching for 'TV + affiliate', which is the way to search for firms that are selling TVs and have an affiliate program. And you have no idea whether this is a good affiliate marketing opportunity or not.

It is much easier to find products at the affiliate networks. Several, such as Clickbank, rank all products according to how they are selling, and some actually give the income you can expect from 1,000 clicks on their products.

Get the projected income per thousand clicks

This is very useful, as you can then work out how much you can afford on advertising. For example, if you are getting a commission of $ 20, which is the minimum you should aim for, and you find that the average number of sales per 1,000 clicks is 15, you can aim to make $ 300 per 1,000 clicks. Or, you make $ 0.30 per click.

Straightaway you know that an advertising cost of $ 0.30 will leave you breaking even on your commission. Now, if you are getting all those people to sign up for your list before they go to the merchant's site, that could be worth a long term. Why? because you can expect to be able to sell other products to them later. You might be able to sell another 500 products to this group of 1,000 people in the year. This could generate revenue of $ 20,000, which would make for the lack of profit on the first sale.

On the other hand, if the prospect is being sent straight to the merchant's site, you need to spend no more than $ 0.15 per click, which would be difficult to achieve in any competitive market.

With Clickbank, you need to rely on a high gravity to see if a product is likely to be profitable. Get a high gravity in a small niche, and that should be good. Some other networks do not publish ranking, but if you contact them and say you wish to market in a certain niche, but want a high-converting product, they will help you.

If you use all the tools that these affiliate networks have, you can find affiliate marketing opportunities quite quickly, and avoid a lot of the trial and error involved with other products.

Source by John Hartley